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ANIMA BSO Management Academy - Digitizing Investment Impact Measurement

ANIMA BSO Management Academy - Digitizing Investment Impact Measurement


In the framework of EBSOMED, ANIMA Investment Network will implement the BSO Management Academy "Digitizing Investment Impact Measurement", from May 24 to 26, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

ANIMA organizes within the framework of the EBSOMED project a Master Class composed of 4 modules dedicated to the digitalization of tools and services. The whole Master class aims at helping private sector support organizations to better use digital tools in all their activities: strategy, customer relationship, communication, impact measurement and negotiation with companies, administrative procedures.

The third module will take place on May 24-26, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. This training will show how to facilitate business creation using digital strategy and tools.

Context and justification of the training

However, the commitments made by all countries since the Paris Agreement on climate change and the international standards that are emerging in terms of social responsibility, in particular to access the European market, are encouraging all business and investor support organisations to equip themselves with tools to monitor the impact of investment projects.

Monitoring the impact of investments refers to a process of evaluating investments or portfolios based on their sustainability and impact on the environment, society, and economy, thus aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals and Corporate Sustainability Strategies.

Globally, several initiatives invite companies and organisations in improving their impact based on voluntary approaches referring to broad objectives: the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the Green House Gas emissions targets of the Paris Agreement, the Montreal Agreement on biodiversity or the Responsible Business Conduct guidelines of the OECD, the latter being focuses on enterprises.

The ANIMA Investment Network, with the support of the EU and the Union for the Mediterranean, has developed an Impact Rating methodology for business and investment support organisations to score the local impacts of investment projects as regards to sustainable development and corporate sustainability, in order to improve their understanding of the projects strengths and weaknesses and adapt their support to the investors.

Content and expected benefits

This international seminar organise by ANIMA and the Union for the Mediterranean invites investment and business support organisation to collaborate on this topic of investment impact.

During the first day, the European Union and other international organisations will be invited to present their strategies and vision of the future regulations in the region, and remarkable practices led by public and private organisations from the Union for the Mediterranean countries will be presented.

On the second day, we will engage participants in practical and interactive workshops to understand how to operationalise the services delivered to companies, at the level of their country and organisation, in order to improve their impact. The Impact Rating online tools and its adaptability will be presented.

A training course for executives of economic development organizations

Each training module will bring together about 30 high-potential executives from economic development organizations based in the Mediterranean countries (agencies, federations, associations, consular chambers, clusters, incubators, gas pedals).

Participants will be selected based on their profile, motivation and commitment to their organization. Selected candidates will benefit from a partial coverage of travel and accommodation costs.

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Registration is available via this link.

Contact Lydie Cornand for more information on the program and reimbursement conditions.