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Anima Technical Assistance Mission / BSO Manager Exchange "INSME and UCASTI together for a Peer Technical Assistance Programme"

Anima Technical Assistance Mission / BSO Manager Exchange "INSME and UCASTI together for a Peer Technical Assistance Programme"


In the framework of EBSOMED, ANIMA Investment Network's affiliate INSME is setting up a Technical Assistance Mission / BSO Manager Exchange "INSME and UCASTI together for a Peer Technical Assistance Programme" scheduled for November 18-22, 2019, and taking place in Rome (Italy).

By drawing upon the expressed need to develop an innovation centre, the mission will involve 2 managers from the UCAS Technology Incubator based in Gaza, Palestine. The operation will facilitate the exchange of know-how on how to successfully manage an incubator, offer support to the peer organisation by sharing best in class examples to benchmark with, provide the peer organisation with competencies enabling the effective management of technology transfer, innovation and IPRs.This will be achieved through diverse activities such as frontal lessons, site visits, one-to-one meetings by adopting both a theoretical and a handson approach.

The operation aims at providing experts from the Technology Incubator of the University College of Applied Science in Gaza with competencies and capabilities on technology transfer, IPR management and innovation best practices at the national level in order to acquire proper skills for the establishment of a new innovation centre. In this framework, by adopting both a theoretical and a practical approach two managers from UCASTI will:

  • Gain awareness on the state-of-the-art and future opportunities offered by new emerging technologies (i.e. Fintech, digitalization, block chain, etc.)
  • Learn how to manage technology transfer, innovation and drive growth
  • Acquire proper skills on Intellectual Property Rights Management in order to better exploit related opportunities and successfully manage challenges
  • Gain knowledge on incubation and acceleration processes
  • Learn how to grow a business and gain insights on the drivers guiding the scale up process

These goals will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Active participation to the INSME annual conference on Fintech and Logistics and one-to-one meeting with experts in the field
  • Sharing of best practices and case studies that can be replicated in the local context
  • Site visit to the Incubator of the University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • Frontal lessons with IP professionals who will on the one hand explore IP from a theoretical perspective by focusing on the applicable legislation, on the other one will share practical tips on how to take out the most from an effective IP management system
  • Site visit to t2i – Technology Transfer and Innovation - one of the most important Italian stakeholders active in the technology transfer field - and networking day with experts
  • A full day dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge and skills to successfully manage the scale

The whole operation will contribute to the establishment of strengthened ties between the two shores of the Mediterranean basin. Two managers from UCASTI will be the direct beneficiaries of the operation. The participation to diverse activities throughout the whole duration of the programme will provide them with both theoretical and practical knowledge that on the one hand will support them in the implementation of the new innovation centre, on the other one will have an impact on the whole business ecosystem. It is indeed proven that the access to international best practices and best in class approaches facilitate a multiplier effect since the positive impact of a given activity can act as a propeller to let similar initiatives start.