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CAWTAR BSO Management Academy - E-learning Course on Project Proposal Writing for BSOs

CAWTAR BSO Management Academy - E-learning Course on Project Proposal Writing for BSOs


Donor funding is crucial since it helps BSOs implement their project ideas, to better serve their members, and target groups. To access these funds a well-written proposal is required for consideration by potential donors. The results of a project ought to be effectively communicated by the aid of a proposal. Therefore, BSOs need to be able to develop high quality proposal to ensure the implementation of project ideas.

In the framework of EBSOMED, CAWTAR will develop the BSO Management Academy, online training courses “Project Proposal Writing for BSOs”. Once operational the course will be hosted in CAWTAR E-learning Platform as well as the EBSOMED BCD (if possible). The goal of this e-course is to introduce participants to the main phases of project development by providing them with the knowledge and technical means enabling them to identify, design and formulate projects.

This activity will provide to BSOs a sustainable tool with quality, concrete and easy-to-grasp knowledges to enhance their capacities on project proposal writing and improve the quality of services provided to their members. The e-course will addresses the challenges faced by BSOs in project planning and proposal writing in a way that allows for maximum practical work. While participants/users will get all the theory they need, they will learn the steps and tools in a way that they can apply time after time once the course is over. Moreover, they can come back to the course when they want, download documents and templates, share experience etc.

This online course will paint a picture of best practices in field of project writing. The experts will use the Experience Learning Cycle (ELC) methodology (concrete experience, reflective observation, Abstract conceptualization, Active experimentation/practical exercise) in the design of the e-content. The E-course will be developed in French and translated to English.