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CAWTAR BSO Management Online Academy - Cybersecurity for BSOs

CAWTAR BSO Management Online Academy - Cybersecurity for BSOs


The Mediterranean region is a very interconnected space, full of common challenges but also opportunities to unite and solve them together. Cybersecurity is one of these challenges that must be confronted in a transnational manner.

In the framework of EBSOMED, CAWTAR organises the BSO Management Academy “Cybersecurity for BSOs” on 15 September 2021.

This activity will provide the participants with quality, concrete and easy-to-grasp knowledges to enhance their abilities to better manage their organisation and improve the qualities of services provided to their members. During these 3 hours online course, BSOs will be taught how to strengthen their capacity in terms of data confidentiality, safe management, storage and transactions. Cybersecurity stands among the biggest challenge of the 21rst century and has become even more important with the pandemic and remote working. The target group, Business Support Organisations focusing on women, is not spared by cyberattacks but is still very much unprepared. Therefore, it is essential to raise their knowledge so that they can prevent and protect themselves from data breach, malwares, phishing, and other ill-intended online actions.

This session will paint a picture of cybersecurity nowadays. The chosen methodology is to develop 6 themes that are at the core of cybersecurity: essential concepts; current cyberthreat landscape; vulnerabilities; actors of Cybersecurity; prevention, response, recovery; innovations: the future of cybersecurity.

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Registration is available via this link.

Deadline for registration: 31 August 2021