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ASCAME organized the EBSOMED Management Academy "2020: Time to act, stronger together" during the MedaWeek 2020

ASCAME organized the EBSOMED Management Academy "2020: Time to act, stronger together" during the MedaWeek 2020


In the framework of EBSOMED project ASCAME, its affiliates and partners organized on November 19 & 20, 2020 an Online BSO Management Academy under the theme “2020: Time to act, stronger together - Fostering MED Business development through The potential of ASCAME's Network and Women Empowerment in the Digital World”.

 The 2-day peer-to-peer event took place during the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, in an online format, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It brought together the region’s business community and decision makers for in-depth capacity building and dynamic networking. The Academy was a capacity building and experience sharing training moment between business support organizations (BSOs) from affiliated partners to the EBSOMED project and associated partners from ASCAME’s network. The event aimed on creating synergies and developing fruitful cooperation between the EU and South Mediterranean region.

The first day session focused on international projects and the importance of economic networks in the “post-COVID” economic recovery. The session aimed to highlight the great potential of business networks and the importance of working collaboratively and in line with key strategic sectors and crosscutting themes considered essential for the region’s economic recovery. Three major topics were tackled: Digital Economy and creation of new processes, Green Economy and how to rethink the Mediterranean through sustainable growth and finally, Blue Economy as booster to the Mediterranean ecosystem. This session was the opportunity to present the activities and the results of the EBSOMED project.

The second day session focused on “The incorporation of women entrepreneurs in the digital economy”. The session aimed to analyse the current situation of businesswomen in the Mediterranean, to share best practices among women in business during COVID-19 period and bring about the importance of digitalisation as an alternative way of working tool.

After the event, a dedicated group on Facebook has been created as a common space that has been in order to provide a sustainable platform for debates, exchanges, share knowledge, good practices in business and merge their efforts in shaping and implementing a solid community of Mediterranean businesswomen.