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BUSINESSMED presents the first results of its Thematic Committee on “Education and R&D on Energy Technologies”

BUSINESSMED presents the first results of its Thematic Committee on “Education and R&D on Energy Technologies”


BUSINESSMED presented on December 14, 2020, in a webinar, the first results of the study conducted by its Thematic Commission “Education and R&D on Energy Technologies” established under the EBSOMED project.

Employers have a key role in addressing the energy transition in the Mediterranean and the green recovery by tackling new trends and technologies affecting the production of energy. Many concepts emerged and R&D on Energy Technologies becomes the main focus of the Mediterranean Countries.

From there, the committee "Education and R&D on energy technologies" was created within the framework of the EBSOMED project. The objective of this committee is to encourage research and support industrial R&D and to improve energy technology policies.

After two face-to-face meetings organized between 2018 /2019 and several online workshops between the members of the committee and the chosen expert, it was decided, due to the sanitarian situation, that the publication of the first results and the states of progress would take place during an online webinar.

This online meeting, which brought together members of the thematic Commission and experts in renewable energy, was an opportunity to clarify the objectives of the Commission and the methodology adopted to produce its regional thematic paper. It was also the occasion to present its first Factsheet on “Education and R&D in Energy Technologies” with the aim to inform employers’ organizations and SMEs affiliated to the energy sector in partner countries (Egypt, Jordan, Malta, Tunisia), with special emphasis on their strategies, action plans and achievements in renewable energy.

The panellists stated that with the outbreak of COVID-19, many opportunities appeared to rebuild with climate change as a major concern. The 2030 climate target will help to focus the Mediterranean economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. It will stimulate investments in a resource-efficient economy, promoting innovation in clean technology, fostering competitiveness and creating green jobs.