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EBSOMED BSO Management Academy on Internationalisation for SMEs

EBSOMED BSO Management Academy on Internationalisation for SMEs


In the framework of the EBSOMED project, Promos Italia - Italian Agency for the Internationalization of the National Chambers System - in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna and EUROCHAMBRES, organised a BSO Management Academy under the theme “Internationalization as an engine of growth for SMEs" in Ravenna (Italy) on 5 and 6 December 2019.

The aim of the Academy was to disseminate knowledge on internationalisation as a fundamental tool for the growth of SMEs. During two days, a series of aspects related to the theme of internationalization, from the search for new markets to the creation of networks between SMEs (clusters, cooperatives, export network, etc.), were explored in depth. The experience of the Emilia-Romana area and the companies that have distinguished themselves positively there was analysed.

The academy consisted of a series of thematic workshops based on the exchange of experiences and good practices among participants, including representatives of chambers of commerce, business associations, local development agencies and internationalisation experts.

Mr Marco Cunetto, EBSOMED Project Coordinator, explained in his intervention the functioning of the cycle of the BSOs training academies implemented in the framework of the project and how this can help BSOs to adjust their management and operational performance, governance structures and marketing strategies in order to better position, promote and provide services to their SMEs.

He also presented the Business Country Desk, BCD, a new tool of the project that aims to promote and support synergies and opportunities for partnerships and B2B as well as to stimulate investments and exchanges between the main actors of the Euro-Mediterranean business ecosystem.

The academy ended with field visits of two important and innovative companies in the region: CAVIRO EXTRA (Italy's leading agricultural cooperative in the wine sector, known for having created a winning model of circular economy) and AGRINTESA (the fruit and vegetable cooperative that has become a model for the innovative type of plants used for both processing and packaging).