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First meeting of the Cross-Sectorial Strategy Committee on Transport & Logistics

First meeting of the Cross-Sectorial Strategy Committee on Transport & Logistics


As part of the EBSOMED project, ASCAME and its affiliates organized in Barcelona, Spain, on 27 June 2019 a Cross-Sectorial Strategy Committee meeting under the theme "Towards an Action Plan on Transport & Logistics 2019".

This Cross-Sectorial Strategy Committee meeting brought together key actors from Mediterranean Transport & Logistics – from the main commercial and private sector actors to governmental and international bodies – to discuss the key priority and niche sectors which added immediate value to the regional economy.

This first meeting aimed at collecting the results achieved regarding the operations and activities carried out in the framework of the EBSOMED project and the parallel synergies and cooperation activities with other initiatives, which have spontaneously been undertaken since the project started.

During the Committee meeting, Mrs Sara Strljić from the Croatian Chamber of Economy presented a strategic paper on Transport & Logistics in the Mediterranean region with the goal to support new initiatives and create synergies between the different actors. The members of the Committee discussed and gave feedback on the draft document in order to guide its finalisation.

The final document will build on the Regional Transport Action Plan for the Mediterranean Region 2014 – 2020 by the EuroMed Transport Forum, following the Priority Guidelines: 2013 identified at the UfM Ministerial Conference on Transport and capitalise the conclusions from previous projects strategic papers.