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MedaWomen 2018: EBSOMED Roadshow "Women in Technology, the Way Forward"

MedaWomen 2018: EBSOMED Roadshow "Women in Technology, the Way Forward"


In the framework of the EBSOMED project, ASCAME organized with the collaboration of the Association of Mediterranean Businesswomen's Organizations, AFAEMME on October 2 and 3, 2018, the 10th edition of the MedaWomen Forum, one of the most emblematic events on women's entrepreneurship.

This year's edition took the form of a Roadshow and offered the opportunity for Women in the technology sector to address the main issues and opportunities of this field in the Mediterranean region.

The Roadshow under the themes "The incorporation of Women entrepreneurs in the digital economy" and " Women in Technology, the Way Forward ", explored topics relevant to a changing society using innovative tools and unconventional approaches. Businesswomen, policy makers, entrepreneurs and spokespersons from various sectors were present throughout the event to share experiences and encourage public discussion.

The EBSOMED project Roadshows are organized to help increase the flow of commercial partnerships between Europe and the southern Mediterranean countries, as well as South-South companies and investments, with a focus on promotion and capacity building through networking and exchange of experience between different components of the business sector with a particular interest for businesswomen and young entrepreneurs.

Key topics that were covered included:

  • Mediterranean organizations led by strong and prosperous women entrepreneurs.
  • How are small women-led businesses improving in the Mediterranean countries?
  • The role of businesswomen in technology in the Mediterranean region.

The Roadshow focused on future perspectives and planning actions that influence the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Economics, and Mathematics).

During the two days of the event, various plenary sessions on the theme of digitization and several B2B meeting sessions were organized.


The EBSOMED project was presented in detail, including the listing of the main activities, objectives and services, particularly the opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from workshops, seminars, training and an exchange of best practices.