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Meeting of the EBSOMED Sector Alliance Committee to discuss the challenges of the tourism sector during the current crisis

Meeting of the EBSOMED Sector Alliance Committee to discuss the challenges of the tourism sector during the current crisis


The EBSOMED Sector Alliance Committee (SAC), met on Thursday 17 December, in an interactive webinar entitled “Sustainable Tourism 2020 in the Mediterranean post-COVID-19 scenario” organized by ASCAME, in the framework of the EBSOMED project. The committee brings together, for this event, tourism experts from different countries to gather opinions and suggestions on these issues with the aim of outlining an overview of the situation of the sector in the Mediterranean context, highlighting existing challenges and opportunities and proposing ways to move forward in the sector.

Tourism is recognised as a key area for the economic and commercial development of a macro-region, and it plays a major role in the economy of the new millennium and in sustainable growth. Negative consequences experienced because of COVID-19 pandemic, has seriously affected the sector not only due to travel restrictions but also because of the cautious and fearful approach experienced in the global context where many jobs are at risk.

During the webinar, the first ideas were collected for the realisation of a strategic document on the Sustainable Tourism Strategy in the post COVID-19 Mediterranean context, with the aim of determining the strategic lines of action for tourism that will constitute the reference framework also for new initiatives and policies within the European framework. Within the framework of this strategy, it is also intended to capitalise on some previous strategic documents that include potential future initiatives and to highlight   on present and future business opportunities between the North and South shores of the Mediterranean.

The participants framed the situation in their respective countries, the perception of this global crisis among tourism operators and local communities and shared their vision of the role of governments and supranational institutions in relaunching the tourism sector, highlighting how the crisis can also be turned into an opportunity. All the discussions, ideas and recommendations will lead to the elaboration of a document that will pave the way for a renewed tourism that can push the economy towards a solid recovery and an increasingly eco-sustainable footprint.