Business Country Desk (BCD)

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Business Country Desk (BCD)

The Business Country Desk, BCD, is one of the essential tools implemented in the framework of the EBSOMED project.

It is an online information service platform, designed to support and promote trade and investment mainly in 10 Southern Mediterranean countries, as well as to initiate and develop North-South or South-South commercial partnerships between the Mediterranean economic operators through the Regional Markets:

  • Supply of raw materials, goods and services
  • Marketing of new products and / or services and / or markets
  • Sale of products and services
  • Foreign Direct Investment - FDI
  • Technology transfer
  • Business opportunities

In fact, the BCD provides its users with the following four main services:

  • The Business HelpDesk: In the form of regularly updated countries fact sheets, this space provides access to information related to the economic, regulatory, political and cultural situation, and the key priorities and sectors of each target country mapping its business climate. This information essentially concerns:
    • Investments (procedures, benefits granted by countries, regulatory framework, taxes, etc.)
    • International trade: exports / imports
  • The Partnerships Area: a directory providing direct contact with the main commercial players (business support organizations, leading companies, potential partners) around the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • The "EuroMed Business Matching": a tool for managing business meetings for a given event related to the BCD. The tool aims to offer a set of ergonomic functions to simplify the organization and management of face-to-face meetings (B2B). The objective is to create effective contacts and exchanges, to create or strengthen partnerships that contribute directly or indirectly to the economic development of the Southern Mediterranean region.
  • Online Help (HelpLine – in a 2nd phase): An internal requests management system that allows users to submit specific queries about a given country and track the status of these requests until a response is obtained. from the platform managers.