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ANIMA BSO Management Academy - Business intelligence strategy, customer relationship and communication

ANIMA BSO Management Academy - Business intelligence strategy, customer relationship and communication


In the framework of EBSOMED, ANIMA Investment Network will implement the BSO Management Academy "Business intelligence strategy, customer relationship and communication", from March 8 to 10, 2023 in Paris, France.

Context and justification of the training

Digitalization is now a strategic issue for business support organizations. These organizations have to adapt their practices to cope with the development of companies and the environment in which they evolve: inclusion in regional or global value chains, dispersion of teams, extremely tense communication flows, redefinition of economic models, rapid customer feedback requirements, etc. are all key factors for company performance but require agility that needs to be supported with the appropriate tools.

Private sector support organizations must therefore also be supported in making better use of digital technology in all their activities: strategy, customer relations, communication, impact measurement and negotiation with companies, administrative procedures, etc.

In this context of changing practices, a cycle of three training sessions aimed at helping professionals from these organizations to better understand the opportunities offered by digital technologies will take place throughout the first half of 2023. This first part on economic intelligence is part of this cycle and focuses specifically on the promotion of foreign investments.

This training is essential for professionals working in the fields of economic promotion, marketing and communication, as well as for public decision-makers who wish to strengthen the economic position of their country on the international scene. It is particularly suitable for professionals in charge of prospecting for foreign investors.

Content and expected benefits

By participating in the MasterClass, participants will be able to design a foreign investment promotion strategy tailored to their country and industry. They will also learn how to work in collaboration with national economic actors and institutions to strengthen the economic attractiveness of their country.

More specifically, they will learn how to use digital tools to collect, analyse and disseminate strategic information, and how to integrate these tools into their respective professional environments.

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Contact Lydie Cornand for more information on the program and reimbursement conditions.