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ASCAME Sector Alliance Committee - The Euro-Mediterranean green transition : A Road Map to the decarbonisation of the region

ASCAME Sector Alliance Committee - The Euro-Mediterranean green transition : A Road Map to the decarbonisation of the region


As part of the EBSOMED project, ASCAME and its affiliates will produce a Sectorial Strategic Paper on Green Economy in the Mediterranean Region, this document will be guided and supervised by a Sector Alliance Committee, online on 18 November 2021.

The renewable energy sector is recognised to have a very highly scalable, especially, in the Mediterranean region, due to the vast natural resources we have, plus the easy logistics for exporting green energy to other countries. In addition, this industry is needed for the transition to a sustainable economy and it could generate many jobs and wealth. Yet, this topic is vital due to its importance in line with the green deal and other key efforts that the EU is doing to materialise such changes in the region and beyond.

Different renewable and green energy experts from different countries will give input on these subjects with the objective to get an overview of the state of the art of the sector in their different Mediterranean countries, highlighting existing challenges and opportunities and proposing ways to move forward in the sector.

The output of this event will be Strategic Paper on “The Euro-Mediterranean green transition” on the next steps and future trends for the decarbonisation of the Mediterranean region. The objectives of this action plan are to:

  • Create a strategy and orientation regarding the Renewable & Green Energies in the Mediterranean context.
  • Determine the strategic lines of action within these sectors, which will later form the framework for new European initiatives and policies.
  • Capitalise on previous EUROMED Invest strategic papers including and following recommendations produced for potential future initiatives.
  • Highlight points about existing and future business opportunities between both North and South shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Present opportunities and actors in the investment scenario of the decarbonisation.
  • Gather and list useful platforms working on renewable energies of other stakeholders in other to capitalise and maximize their efforts as well as promote the BCD among different stakeholders.
  • Explain the trends and business opportunities in becoming an exporter of green energy.
  • Share and spread the sector situation, existing initiatives and overview with a point of view from both shares of the Mediterranean.
  • Provide a complete outlook of the renewable energy market development in the Mediterranean analysing all key sectors included in renewable energy sources (For instance, solar power, wind power, biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy, etc.).
  • Maximize business exchanges and develop fruitful cooperation between experts and BSOs.
  • Cooperate on regional issues (discussing key challenges).
  • Increase visibility for the sector’s opportunities and EBSOMED project at large.

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