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BUSINESSMED Employers Thematic Committee Meeting - The Green Deal

BUSINESSMED Employers Thematic Committee Meeting - The Green Deal


Following Article 9.3. of BUSINESSMED Statutes and in order to create an environment favorable to Mediterranean growth, promote full North/South and South/South economic integration and implement efficient partnership networks, BUSINESSMED will establish four Thematic Committee (TC) focusing on: Digitalization, Internationalization for SMEs, the Green Deal and Women and Youth Entrepreneurs.

The Committees will focus on the qualitative improvement of the four main themes at Euro-Mediterranean level. The Committees aim to study current trends and status among Employers federations and identify best practices and recommendations for the private sector and institutional partners, with the final goal to boost the Euro – Mediterranean business ecosystem and help Employers Federation to better service their members.

The Committee on the Green Deal is born in continuity with the efforts of the first phase of the Thematic Committee on Education and R&D on Energy Technology. As well as in coordination with the priorities set by regional and international Actors.

BUSINESSMED and its members, not only through its commitment to the UN Global Compact, have set themselves ahead of the curve by establishing the creation of a Thematic Committee focusing on the Green Deal. The Committee will be a chance for Employers Federation to best understand the impacts of these green strategies and policies and their implication for the Mediterranean economy. The work of the committee will focus on two major topics, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the Green Hydrogen and their implication for sustainability and within the VET sector.

Within the framework of the EBSOMED project, BUSINESSMED is organising a meeting of its Employers' Thematic Committee "The Green Deal" on February 14, 2023 in Cairo, Egypt.

The meeting aims to:

  • Discuss the implication of the Green Deal for external trading partners of the EU
  • Share information, experiences and facilitate peer learning in the Euro-Mediterranean Region