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4th Regional Promotional Campaign of the EBSOMED Project

4th Regional Promotional Campaign of the EBSOMED Project


The fourth regional promotion campaign of the EBSOMED project was organized in Cairo. The press conference was the culmination of several months of hard work by the organizers, who started planning the event well in advance. The main objective of the campaign was to strengthen the network of journalists that had been built up since the beginning of the project.

To ensure the success of the campaign, the EBSOMED secretariat selected 10 foreign journalists from the existing network to attend the press conference. These journalists were carefully selected to ensure that they could help spread the message of the EBSOMED project to a wider audience. The journalists were from different countries and had experience in covering business and economic news.

The press conference was opened by a representative of the EBSOMED Secretariat. The speaker highlighted the challenges faced by MENA countries and how the project has contributed to addressing these challenges. The MENA region includes countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia. The speaker highlighted the role of the project in promoting regional economic integration and disseminating key business practices in the southern Mediterranean.

One of the main highlights of the press conference was the presentation of the progress made on the digital platform BCD (Business Country Desk). This platform aims to provide companies with essential information on investment and foreign trade. The organizers saw it as a crucial tool to help MENA companies connect with potential partners and investors. During the presentation, the benefits and opportunities that the platform could bring to the companies of each journalist's country were explained in detail.

The press conference ended with a question and answer session between the secretariat and the journalists. This session was an opportunity for the journalists to ask questions and seek clarifications on all topics related to the EBSOMED project. The session was interesting and productive, and the journalists left the conference with a better understanding of the project and its importance in promoting economic growth and development in the MENA region.