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Building Interactive Webinar Skills: The ICC Syria Experience in the EBSOMED Project

Building Interactive Webinar Skills: The ICC Syria Experience in the EBSOMED Project


BUSINESSMED, with the support of MDF Eastern and Southern Africa, and in the framework of the EBSOMED project, has been working with BSOs in the region to develop a roadmap for digitalization services and identify areas for capacity building support.

One such area of support was requested by ICC Syria, member of BUSINESSLED, who sought to build their staff's capacity in delivering interactive online webinars. To ensure relevance and tailor the training to the needs of the participants.

The online training was held over four sessions, held on October 19th and 20th, and October 26th and 27th 2022. The training consisted of four sessions, each building on the previous one. The first session introduced participants to the training cycle, adult learning theories, and how to formulate learning objectives. The training included interactive elements such as presentations and activities where participants had to identify well-formulated learning objectives.

The second session focused on brainstorming about elements and characteristics that make a webinar fun or boring. The participants brainstormed about different methods that could be used in line with brain-based learning principles and how to choose topics and methods based on the learning objectives.

The third session was a practical session where participants facilitated a mini webinar session and received feedback on their delivery. The last session focused on training evaluation, both formal and informal methods, and answering any outstanding questions. The session also looked at using tools like “Mentimeter” and the etiquette for participants and trainers during a webinar.

The capacity building support provided to ICC Syria in delivering interactive online webinars is a testament to the success of the project in providing valuable and relevant training to organizations in the region.