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Digital tools, an effective solution for the internationalization of SMEs

Digital tools, an effective solution for the internationalization of SMEs


Within the framework of the EBSOMED project, Promos Italia and BUSINESSMED organized on November 14 & 15, 2022 an online academy on how to foster internationalization by exploiting digital marketing tools.

In a context where the pandemic has accelerated the digital transition of SMEs especially in the field of internationalization, sometimes without them being prepared, the idea was through this academy to highlight the digital opportunities to continue to export and if necessary reshape the business models of exporting SMEs.

The event allowed the executives of the various participating SEOs to put into practice tools and strategies of digital marketing to provide new services and support activists to the SMEs they accompany, thus exploiting digitization as a tool to increase exports and attract international customers.

Promos Italia has deployed for this academy the experts and trainers of its Business School NIBI taking advantage of its proven expertise in organizing training courses on these topics. The event was an opportunity to present the best practices of Promos Italia and the system of Italian chambers of commerce in supporting SMEs.

Value-added reference tools for digitization and internationalization were presented, such as the DigitExport platform, which offers specialized assistance and training on digital topics, the Go2Market platform, which helps SMEs to assess their export capacity and create an export plan, or the Business Country Desk developed by BUSINESSMED to enable the establishment of partnerships and B2B meetings