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EBSOMED Project Takes a Step Forward with TOBB Accreditation Training

EBSOMED Project Takes a Step Forward with TOBB Accreditation Training


In the framework of the EBSOMED project and the BSOs labelling instrument, representatives from ASCAME, BUSINESSMED, and CEEBA took part in a two-day training event hosted by TOBB in Istanbul on September 20th and 21st, 2022. The objective of the training was to equip 2-3 staff members from each organization with knowledge on the TOBB Accreditation System, Accreditation Standards, and Quality Management System.

The first day of the training was devoted to presentations on the accreditation system, methodology, and manuals, while the second day included a visit to an accredited local chamber and hands-on field assessment training. The training covered a wide range of topics, including accreditation principles, governance and decision-making processes, core competencies and services, stakeholder communications and preparations, and training provision. Additionally, attendees received thorough training on ISO 9001 basic requirements and process management, as well as risk management.

The training was a great success, and participants gained a deeper understanding of the TOBB Accreditation System and processes involved. This will enable them to better serve their respective organizations and suggest organizations for the EBSOMED Label. TOBB ensured a comprehensive and hands-on training experience, making it a valuable experience for the representatives from ASCAME, BUSINESSMED, and CEEBA.