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EBSOMED webinar “Towards a join Roadmap on job for skills and the role of the private sector”

EBSOMED webinar “Towards a join Roadmap on job for skills and the role of the private sector”


BUSINESSMED, in the framework of the EBSOMED project, organised on 14 September 2021 a webinar on « VET and Skills Development » to present the results of the study on VET and Skills Development issued by the homonymous Thematic Committee.

The high-level speaker from the ETF, UFM and OIE provided insight on key trends in the VET Sector, and underlined the importance of ensuring synergies among the VET sector and the private one, as major changes in skills are expected to happen with the continues transition towards innovation and digitalization of our economies. The study stated that working on skills along with the private sector needs is essential for the Mediterranean region, given that demographically the region is undergoing a youth bulge. The design of a joint roadmap with the private sector will allow the Mediterranean to be prepared for the future of work, and limit unemployment with the youth entering the job market.

The event was the occasion to present the 2nd periodical survey following the empirical results of the study and to share information and facilitate peer learning about how various TVET stakeholders (policymakers, providers, the private sector, including companies involved in work-based learning, and youth) have been implementing TVET provision in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. The participating employers’ confederation shared their experiences on approaches in upskilling and reskilling their workforce and the discussion helped the Identification of key building blocks of a resilient and labour-market relevant TVET system.