Expert for the Business Country Desk Platform

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Expert for the Business Country Desk Platform

Project Background

EBSOMED is a 4-year project (2018-2022) co-financed at 80% by the European Union for a global amount of EUR 6, 25 million. It is co-financed and coordinated by BUSINESSMED (The Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises) in the framework of the EBSOMED consortium which consists of 6 members: GACIC (German-Arab Chamber of Commerce), ASCAME (Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce), ANIMA Investment Network, EUROCHAMBRES (Association of European Chambers of Commerce), CAWTAR (Center of Arab Women for Training and Research).

EBSOMED has been designed to dedicate particular emphasis to reinforcing Business Support Organisations’ management capacity and efficiency through instruments, providing capacity building and training to improve the sophistication of Euro-Mediterranean Private Sector Organisations and help them address existing gaps.

EBSOMED aims at achieving a higher indirect economic leverage by helping BSOs to make a qualitative scaling up in regards to the services they offer to their beneficiaries, while pursuing this successful cross border cooperation dynamic.

Objective of the Business Country Desk

The Business Country desk (BCD) is a platform conceived in order to assist and stimulate trade and investment mainly in 10 south Mediterranean countries, as well as to initiate and develop business partnerships between North-South and South-South Mediterranean economic operators. It intend to be the reference portal that provides access to external trade related information, economic, social, regulatory and political framework of the target countries as well as a direct contact with the key business actors (Business Support organizations, leading companies, potential partners) around the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

It is one of the backbone instruments implemented by the Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (BUSINESSMED) in the framework of the EBSOMED project, developed in close synergy with the Euromed Trade Helpdesk and the B2Match Tool.

Purpose and Scope of the Expert’s mission

In the framework of the current consultancy mission dedicated to the accompaniment of companies and investors, the expert is bound to conduct a study on each target country’s economic, regulatory, cultural and political background shaping its business climate.

The expert will operate in close coordination with the BCD coordinator, in order to draft the countries’ sheets that will serve as the main input of the documentary base of the BCD platform.

  • Expert’s key responsibilities
    • Attend the design of the platform’s content and structure;
    • Identify the countries priorities and key sectors;
    • Ensure business intelligence and regulatory mentoring;
    • Conduct sector studies and identify the expanding sectors/ markets in each target country;
    • Draft countries’ factsheets on economic indicators, trade and investment regulations, business climate, infrastructure, key sectors, partner countries, etc.);
    • Support the information’s outreach and analysis;
    • Ensure periodic updates of the platform’s documentary base;
    • Set up a solid contact database of involved stakeholders in SNC ;
    • Overview the coherence and impact of the BCD platform
  • Delivrables
    • A field study in the target countries;
    • 10 country sheets/ yearly updated, Reports for the first year to be delivered within 6 months (August 2019);
    • Contacts’ list of relevant trade and investment actors in the target countries (BSOs, economic operates, etc.)
    • Constant monitoring in order to ensure the platform’s update (half-yearly progressive reports)
  • Geographical area to be covered

The field study covers 10 ENI South countries, beneficiaries of EBSOMED project

Once selected, the expert will receive a detailed document stating the objectives, timeline and periodic deliverables within the current consultancy mission.

Start date & Mission’s period

The intended start date is March 11th 2019 and the mission’s length is set for 34 months.

The selected expert will be assigned to perform his mission for one year with possibility of renewal of the contract subject to an amendment signed by both parties.

Key Qualifications and skills

  • A senior Expert in Economics, business, or a related field;
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience in business development, consultancy and advocacy;
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience at a Business Organization;
  • Excellent knowledge of the economic development model in the MENA region;
  • An in-deph understanding of the political, cultural and socio-economic background of the Southern Mediterranean Neighborhood;
  • Expertise in trade, investment and international growth strategies especially in the Southern Mediterranean region;
  • Acquaintance with Institutional Support Systems Development for the Business Organizations;
  • Strong writing and proofreading skills both in English and French;
  • Outstanding Research and analytical skills, accuracy and consistency.

How to apply?

Interested candidates are invited to send their applications (cover letter, resume and previous performance references) no later than March 10th 2019 to the following e-mail address:

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Deadline : 
10 March 2019